WWE Survivor Series 2017 Highlights and Results

WWE networks has conducted Survivor Series matches in the month of November 2017. this matches will be seen world wide and for this WWE super stars have fans from the all over the world. every super star entertains fans. WWE superstar gave great entertainment to every WWE fans, in rhis survivor series fans had nice experience. entire event had great fight matches with their opponent. during the event fans were cheering to their favoutite super star. last year WWE Universe conducted surivor series in 2016 November now this year also  conducted. WWE women fighters also gave performance in front of WWE enter Universal fans and got appreciation from the fans and critics. In this Survivor Series 2017 event there are many super stars has fought with their opposite candidate. there were many stars played in the ring such as Brock Lesnar. the modern day Maharaja, The Miz, Baron Corbin, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, usos, alixa bliss, Natalia, Kane Braun, Strowman, Kevin owins and Sami Zayn are participated in this Survivor Series 2017.

WWE Survivor Series 2017 Highlights and Results

The beast Brock Lesnar and the modern day Maharaja Jinder Mahal had a great match in front of entire WWE Universe. in that match Jinder Mahal tried who destroyed​ Brock Lesnar but he could not get a chance to beat him. Jinder has taken submission from Brock Lesnar. during fight  Singh brothers tried to help Jinder Mahal but they could not help Jinder Mahal. they both had taugh match. Brock Lesnar given German suplex City to his opponent. Brock Lesnar won Survivor Series 2017 match very easily on modern day Maharaja Jinder Mahal.

WWE one of the great fighter Kane had a fight against with Braun strowman in that match. Braun strowman  won the match on Kane, before this match Kane unfortunately hit with on Braun strowman in TLC match against with shield. Braun Strowman re attacks Kane, Kane also try to beat in return. that time, Kane and Miz, Cesaro, Sheamus Attacks against Braun strowman. Braun strowman tries to take revenge on Kane they both got a chance to fight in Survivor Series 2017. Kane and Braun strowman performed very hard core fight in front of WWE fans.

WWE Survivor Series 2017 Highlights

the survivor series event successfully completed. fans has coe from all over the world to see their favourite matches. during the matches wwe super stars were very aggressive and winner of the matches got injured very bad. some of the super stars have been sent to the hospital. these are the main highlight of the survivor series. and results of the match is on online now and those who wants to see the matches again the candidates can see the match by clicking official site f the WWE

WWE Survivor Series 2017 Results

here in this post we have shared much vital information about survivor series and we are trying to give our best knowledge about WWE matches. soon we will be giving highlights, results and matches list of the future events. after the event super stars started telling their experience and till now WWE universe did not reveal any future matches list but very shortly the board will be updating its official site by uploading new events.

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