WWE champion Aj styles vs Jinder Mahal Clash Of Champions 2017 Results, Highlights

WWE champion Aj styles vs Jinder Mahal

WWE champion Jinder Mahal had fought against with Aj Styles in the survivor match in that match they both showed ultimate fight performance in front of WWE audience. In that survivor series match, Singh brothers some time tried to help Jinder Mahal when he down in front of Aj styles, Aj styles also attacked on Singh brothers when they interrupted in the match middle time. Finally, Aj styles delivered the phenomenal punch to Jinder Mahal at that time Jinder gives up WWE championship to The Phenomenal Aj Styles.

Aj styles vs Jinder mahal wwe clash of championship match

Clash of champions Aj Styles Vs Jinder Mahal fight highlights

WWE superstar the phenomenal Aj Styles won WWE championship on The Modern day Maharaja Jinder Mahal in survivor series match. Jinder Mahal feels very embarrassing in front of WWE audience when he loses WWE championship match and he recalls to Aj styles for a fight on WWE championship in the clash of champions.

Aj styles and Jinder Mahal had an ultimate fight in the clash of champions in that match they are showed awesome performance. Jinder Mahal so many times tried to destroy Aj styles but he didn’t give any chance to Jinder Mahal and he also showed hardcore performance to Aj styles in that clash of champions match. Singh brothers this time also tried to help Jinder Mahal but Aj styles didn’t give any chance to them and he beats Singh brothers also in that interrupted time.

Finally, Aj styles win WWE championship again on Jinder Mahal.

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